Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summary for Today Aug. 26,2009

Today went pretty well. I had a very good night at work. Stuck to my plan well. Here is todays summary...

Calorie Intake: 0 :D

Crunches: 350 :D

Cardio: 20 mins :(

Final weight: 197

Going Well...

Today is going well so far. I haven't eaten anything and have gotten in 300 crunches. Which by the way was more than i had originally planned to do today. On the down side, it is now raining outside, preventing me from exercising outside. I hope it lets up soon.

Good Morning...

Good Morning, this morning the scale says 197
I have to do at least 250 crunches today and at least a half hour of vigorous exercise to make up for not doing anything yesterday
I also need to cut my calorie intake in half which puts me at 500.
Maybe this will help keep me on track with my goal and if not I will find harsher punishments for myself until I am able to keep myself in check...
I am Strong and I am Ana... This can be done

Thoughts for the Day Aug. 26, 2009

Thin Commandment: Being Thin and not Eating are Signs of True Will Power and Success

Reason Not to Eat: Calories Make You Fat... Food Contains Calories

Excuse: I'm Allergic

Idea to Hide Your ED: Wake Up Late So You Don't Have Enough Time to Eat At Home

Distraction: Exercise To The Point You Can't Imagine Ever Wanting to Look at Food Again

Tip: Drink Appetite Controllers To Fill You Up When Absolutely Necessary

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summary of My First Day....

My first day did not go as well as i would hope. While i stuck to my calorie goal for the day, I did not exercise like i should have. Tomorrow i will have to exercise twice as much as i did today and take in half as much to make up for today. I also have to work so it adds another minor complication to the day which will have to be worked out. I am strong and I am ana... this can be done.

Thoughts for the Day Aug. 25, 2009

Thin Commandment: Though Shall Count Calories and Restrict Intake Accordingly
Reason to Not Eat: You Save Money On Grocery Bills
Excuse: I Dont Feel Well
Idea to Hide Your ED: Dont Tell Anyone Your On A Diet
Distraction: Make Your Very Own Verision of An Ana or Mia bracelet
Tip: Drink Lots of Water... If your Stomach Is Full Of Water There Is Less Room For Food

Make Me Happy
Make Me Thin
Make Me Beautiful Within

Todays First Meal

Well I have eaten my first meal for today.
Two slices of bread and two tablespoons of butter.

  • Total calorie intake so far: 400

  • Calories left for the day: 600

  • Total crunches left for today: 100

  • Hours of cardio exercise left for the week: 3
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